How to Analyze Your Marketing Efforts Without Being an Analytics Master

How to Analyze Your Marketing Efforts Without Being a Data Master

There’s no way to improve if you don’t know how you’re doing. Make sure to constantly track and analyze your online marketing efforts. This will allow you to continuously improve your web presence, which is imperative in the ever-changing digital world.

Here are the best ways to keep track of your performances and analyze their success (or lack thereof).

Yearly SEO Audits

Keyword trends and Google Algorithms change almost every day, so it’s important to keep your website up-to-date. We recommend performing an SEO audit at least once a year to make sure your website and all of its pages are optimized for search. Here are some tools to help you do this: Screaming Frog, Yoast, Google Page Speed, Moz Open Site Explorer, Moz Crawl Test and good ol’ Google Search.

Yearly Content Audits

Just like keyword trends, trends and information in content can change, and competitors can create new content that outperforms your older, outdated content. This is why we recommend performing a content audit at least once a year to analyze the success of your website content. To do this, you’ll need to collect all of the content URLs on your website, collect data from each, analyze that data, and provide recommendations. Instead of deleting old content, try building on it with new content, or updating it with more timely information.

Constantly Analyze Your Social Media Performance

Measuring the success of your Facebook and Twitter efforts is pretty easy, since Twitter and Facebook offer free analytics tools. Use Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights weekly to analyze the performance of your social media activity and make educated adjustments. You can use the free tool Iconosquare to check out how you’re doing on Instagram. Take into consideration the type of content posted (i.e. video, text, image, link), time of day posted, day of the week posted, text length, and the subject of the content.

Regularly Check Your Website’s Performance

Google Analytics should be your go-to for analyzing the performance of your website’s content. Dig through Google Analytics’ behavior tab regularly to measure the success of your content via pageviews, average time on page, entrances and bounce rates. Create content similar to that on your highest-performing pages. Build segments in Google Analytics to better understand who is on your website and how they are using it so that you can continue creating content that suites them.

For local reporting, look at data based on revenue/leads by location, traffic by location, and social shares by individual page/location. Set up conversion goals in Google Analytics to make it easier to see if you’re meeting your goals for conversions. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to see what keywords people searched for to find your site. Then, build more content and adjust your meta data based on the popular keywords people are using to find you.

Use A/B Testing To Optimize Your Forms And Increase Leads

Forms are essential to your website, as they provide you with direct and measurable leads. Analyze the effectiveness of your forms by performing A/B testing, which will allow you to change form location, color, text, size, and calls to action. Otpimizely is a great tool for form testing. You can also implement call tracking to see where your leads are coming from online. If there aren’t many coming from your website, it’s time to change up the phone number location and/or presentation.

Moz Makes It Easy To See How Successful Your SEO Efforts Are

Use Moz Analytics to track your SEO efforts. Once you’ve added the keywords to Moz Analytics you want to track, your results will be updated weekly so that you can easily identify any drastic changes and consistent growth or decline. You can also keep an eye on your domain authority and crawl issues. Along with Moz Analytics, you should use Moz On-Page Grader and Yoast WordPress Plugin to analyze your on-page SEO.

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