Never generic

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers.

After several years in corporate advertising, we saw the need for a more efficient and intelligent approach to marketing as a whole. Not everything needs to be so complicated or confusing. Businesses often get in the habit of siloing all of their marketing assets, looking at them individually rather than allowing them to all work together efficiently.

The Team

The core of the Capacitr team all grew up with similar experiences. Each one of us is a self-starter, incredibly disciplined and unwilling to give up. Each person on our team is focused on their core area of competency but has enough exposure through the work we do and the process we take to understand all the moving parts. Our developers are well-versed in technical SEO, our writers know what is functionally pragmatic.

We also consider ourselves as “generational hybrids” – an amalgamation of the hard working, disciplined Generation X-ers and the tech-savvy, short-attention younger generation. With the experience and ability to understand the best traits of each, we can create strategies and tactics that effectively resonate with our client’s audience and are focused on ringing the cash register. This is what we consider our radioactive spider, our adamantium skeleton – the ability to bring everything together and effectively ring the cash register for our clients.

Where’d the name come from?

A certain space exploration style video game is responsible for injecting the word capacitor in our heads at the time we were thinking about names, but that is only the beginning. When thinking about it, the function of a capacitor is very similar to what we do. A capacitor is an electrical device that is used for storing and releasing energy. Similar to a battery, It provides stored electrostatic energy to something in order to allow it to function. Capacitors function differently within different circuits, in some instances they stabilize power flow and in others they help fine tune power levels to reach specific settings or frequencies.

We considered this a perfect analogy to the work we do for our customers. We seek to “power up” our clients’ web presence and then stabilize and fine tune to reach our goals. One issue remained, spelling. Frequently people would write the word out with the wrong vowel at the end of the word, so we simplified that and dropped the last “o” to come up with the name Capacitr.


Client Listing

A.G. Ferrari




Baltimore Center



B.E. Atlas

Beavers Holdings

Bernhard Capital Partners

Berghoff Brewery

Blue Plate

Brusters Ice Cream

Carte Coffee


Chicagoland Beverage

Clark Street Sports

Clear Clinic



Custom Concessions

Curtiss Knives

David’s Kosher Foods

Dr. William Adams

EatDrink SF

Encanto Pisco

Faraday Bikes



Glenmark Foods

Golden Gate Restaurant Assoc.



Imminent Threat Solutions

International Truck & Engine


Klein Tools

Kovitz Investment


Lettuce Entertain You


Limmer HTC


MADE Gallery

MacRostie Winery

Mercury Insurance


Moo & Oink



Pacific Catch


Partners by Design

Prometheus Design Werx


Ronald McDonald House

Schweiger Dermatology


Smithfield Foods

Steven Dayan, MD

Strawberry Frog


Tom & Eddies

Verdant PR

Young Marines

Water Tower Dental

Whitney Architects



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