Additional organic visitors

Increase in new web quotes

Increase in blog visits

The Challenge

To increase overall online footprint and effectively drive more visitors and quotes through Mercury’s revamped online insurance quoting engine without spending millions on a Super Bowl ad or hiring a lizard to do our bidding.

The Strategy

Through detailed data analysis and a more technical approach we attempted to identify areas for rapid growth within Mercury’s existing online framework. This would enable us to suggest and implement techniques that would take less ramp up time but yield proportionally larger results from a traffic and quoting standpoint. We believed a consistent strategy focused on geo-targeted website messaging and regular content updates would enable Mercury to achieve a higher yield within a shorter amount of time.

The Results

After the first 12 months we were already seeing significant traction from our strategy. We drove an additional 1 million organic visitors to the corporate website during the first year of our campaign and have since increased the amount of traffic and new quote requests through organic sources by upwards of 200% since first beginning to work with Mercury just a few years ago.